New Zealand Railways Staff Welfare Trust

Holiday Accommodation Information

Allocations - Ballot
Allocations during the period from the first Saturday in December to the last Saturday in Febuary are subject to a ballot procedure for which applications close at 1700 on 31 August. The ballot will be completed as soon as possible in September and all participants will be advised the outcome of their application.


For the ballot applications must be for ONE or TWO weeks duration commencing, in all cases, on a Saturday.

To register for the ballot all members can –
(a) complete the ballot application form available on the website and then send it using the appropriate instructions; or
(b) telephone the Trust’s Wellington Office providing all details that are necessary.

In the ballot Group A members will receive preference to allocations over Group B and Group C members. Group E members cannot enter the ballot. Once the ballot has been finalised vacancies are available for allocations under the conditions which normally apply during the remainder of the year.

Allocations - General
Allocations, excluding the Ballot period, will be made as applications are received provided -
(a) the period to the commencement of the intended occupancy does not exceed six (6) months; and
(b) the period of occupancy, at a single location, is of at least one week duration; or
(c) the period of occupancy, at multiple locations, is of at least one week duration with a minimum of two (2) nights at any location and all nights are consecutive.


To make application all members can –
(d) complete the application form (non ballot)available on the website and then send it using the appropriate instructions; or
(e) telephone the Trust’s Wellington Office providing all details that are necessary.

Short Term Occupancies
Applications to occupy holiday accommodation for periods of less than ONE week will be accepted no more than one (1) month in advance of the intended commencement date of the occupancy unless the proposed period of occupancy totally occupies a vacant period within the bookings already held at the time the enquiry is received. Bookings must be for a minimum of two (2) nights at each location.




Group A,B,C


Group E



$ 55.00 (GST incl.)


$ 60.00 (GST incl.)


$310.00 (GST incl.)


$360.00 (GST incl.)

The weekly rate only applies if the stay is in one location.

All rental moneys must be paid not later than two calendar months in advance of the date the tenancy will commence or where bookings are made within the last two months payment is to be made by the date advised by the Trust at the time the booking is made.


Note - if payment of the full amount is NOT made by the due date the Trust reserves the right to cancel the provisional allocation and offer the unit to another member.

Payment can be made by cash, cheque or credit card (VISA or MASTERCARD), direct credit to our bank account. Sending cash through any mail service is NOT recommended. All credit card payments can be made by telephone or by email advice - the Trust requires the following details -
(a) the name of the person to whom the credit card is issued;
(b) the account/card number;
(c) the expiry date shown on the card
When forwarding cheque payments please ensure details are included which will allow the Trust to identify what the payment covers. Cheque payments must be forwarded to the Trust’s office in Wellington (PO Box 2409, Wellington).

Direct credit can be made to our bank account 020536 0018655 000 using your membership number and name as a reference

Once full payment for any rental has been received by the Trust, papers including inventory listings, will be sent out. These papers must be presented when collecting keys for the unit allocated.

Facilities for People with Mobility Difficulties
The Trust has units designed to assist people with mobility problems to use the accommodation network. The units concerned are at Gisborne, Queenstown (unit 7), Hanmer (unit 2), Taupo (unit 5), Mt Maunganui (unit 1) and Paihia (unit 8).


Enquiries regarding the availability of any of these units should be directed to the Wellington Office.

If you have any disability which precludes you from accepting the allocation of an upstairs unit let the office know when you are making your booking. Upstairs units exist at Paihia and Mt Maunganui. Individual units at Taupo, Dunedin and Queenstown (apart from unit 7) are multi-level and may be unsuitable for persons who are unable to climb stairs. In addition access to some of the units at Auckland may provide difficulties for persons who have restricted mobility.

All units are generally fully equipped but members are required to supply certain items such as linen (bed and general), disposable cleaning items including soap powders, toilet paper etc.

The Trust does not employ people to clean a unit after occupancy. All members are required to ensure units are clean and tidy at the time of departure ready for the next member to take occupancy. To assist in this regard a cleaning service is available through the custodian at some localities at a cost of $50.00. If a member wishes to use this service the custodian is to be given 24 hours notice so that the service can be arranged.

Information regarding the location of accommodation together with vacancies is shown on the website. Applications for accommodation, both general and ballot, can also be made through the website.


Chris Ball, Manager