Group Life Plan

Underwritten by AMP

A Group Life Plan is available as an additional benefit for NZ Railways Staff Welfare Trust Group A members.

Note the Plan does not replace any entitlement that may be available under other Trust benefits.

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Who is eligible for the Group Life Plan?

All Group A Trust members under the age of 80 years are eligible to join the Group Life Plan.

Who is covered by the Group Life Plan?

Coverage is available for the wider families of Trust members: their spouse, children, parents, nieces/nephews, aunts/uncles and grandparents. The only stipulation is that the Trust member must be included before any family members are covered.

Cover available

The Group Life Plan pays the sum of $11,000 on the death of any insured person between 10-80 years of age; and $2,000 on the death of a child under 10 years of age.

Cover restriction

During the first 12 months of membership, payment on the death of the insured person is restricted to accidental death only. After this first 12 months, cover applies unconditionally.

Age qualifications

There is no minimum age to be eligible to join the plan. The maximum eligible age for the plan is 79 years of age.

Cover ceases on the insured person's 80th birthday, unless cover has already ceased.


The Trust member will receive the payment following the death of any family member under the member's policy. Should the Trust member die, payment will be made to his or her beneficiary. If there is no beneficiary named or no beneficiary alive at the time of the member's death, the Trust will pay the benefit into the member's estate. Trust members may nominate alternative beneficiaries on the application form.

After the initial Plan application has been accepted, members may amend the names of beneficiaries or apportion the grant to several beneficiaries. Specific forms for this purpose will be supplied by the Trust once the initial application to participate has been accepted.


For Group A members premiums will be collected by payroll deduction and then forwarded to the underwriter.

The appropriate payroll forms are provided in the enrolment pack. Premium rates can be amended in two ways; each year as the insured persons age; and as part of a general increase in premium rates (influenced by the underwriter). Premium rate amendments apply from 1 August each year.

Claims Procedures

On the death of any person covered by the Plan, the Trust must be provided with an original death certificate and any other information required by the underwriter. The Trust acts as an intermediary between the member and the underwriter; making a claim on the member's behalf, receiving the benefit from the underwriter, and passing the benefit to the Trust member. This benefit sum is in addition to any standard Trust Death Benefit due under the Benefit Schedule.

New Zealand law limits the amount payable on the death of a child aged under 10 years to $2,000.

What happens after the death of the Trust member?

If a Trust member who has family covered by the Group Life Plan dies, the Trust will need the underwriter's approval for the plan to continue. If the underwriter approves, a family member participating in the plan will need to take responsibility for paying the policy premiums for the remaining family members covered by the Plan.

No further family may be added to the coverage after the death of the original Trust member. Should no person named in the plan be prepared to take responsibility for the policy premiums, it will be cancelled by the Trust.

What happens if the Trust member ceases to be a Trust member or moves to a Group B membership?

The existing policy can continue in this case, provided the former Trust member makes suitable arrangements for the continued payment of the premium (by automatic payment to the Trust's bank account). No further family members can be added to the Plan in this situation.

When a Group A member continues membership of the Trust as a Group B member, future premiums must be paid by automatic payment into the Trust's bank account.

What happens if participation in the Plan ceases?

  • If participation of the Group Life Plan is cancelled, there will be no refund of premiums already paid.
  • If a person named in the Group Life Plan reaches 80 years of age, the policy automatically ceases and there will be no refund of premiums already paid.
  • If an individual covered by the Group Life Plan cancels his or her participation, any ongoing premiums will be adjusted to reflect this alteration.
  • If premiums for the Group Life Plan are not received by the Trust on or before the due date, the policy may be cancelled.
  • If the Plan is cancelled for any reason, the Trust will notify the person responsible for paying the premiums.


For more information (including premium rates), please fill out our application form.