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Arrangements exist where members of the New Zealand Railways Staff Welfare Trust are able to have access to holiday accommodation within Australia which is similar to that operated by the Trust in New Zealand. Bookings and enquiries must be made with the Australian organisation directly, NOT through the NZ Railways Staff Welfare Trust.

The following organisations are part of the overall Australian network:

Queensland Railways Institute
Tasmanian Railways Institute Inc.
Transport Life & Leisure
Victorian Railways Institute
Western Australia Railways Institute

There is NO holiday accommodation available in major metropolitan cities such as Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth, and Canberra.

Conditions which apply are:

  1. Preference in allocation will be given to local members of the organisation owning the unit or house.
  2. Applications can be directly via the relevant Australian organisation. In most cases a deposit is required at time of booking.
  3. All rental charges must be met before leaving New Zealand unless special arrangements are agreed between all parties.

Rental rates for accommodation operated by the Australian organisations vary and, in many cases, there are also seasonal rates. Allocations are not likely during the Christmas/New Year and other school holidays.

The standard of accommodation varies, although much is of similar standard to that in New Zealand.

Most places require you to supply your own linen etc. though it is possible in some localities to hire these items.